Rockwell Software forum is down

Rockwell has decided to sever communication between integrators!

Feel free to use our forum here or check out the forum

I’ll try to post a timely response to all questions here. Also check out the MrPLC forums

I hear from reputable sources that it’ll be back up in a few months

Why do you suppose the rockwell forum is down??


My First post here, Nathan, saw you rip into AB on the AB Rant…Rock On…I am here now!!

I also posted on the rant (against Rockwell of course) on how they once had free Tech Suport but now you gotta pay Big Time!!! we’ll they could Kiss our Control A$#…

Anyway Glad to be Here!! :laughing:


Welcome. Lol, I guess it’s a good time to post that the Rockwell forum is back up. Now you can sign up for a “public” account for free that doesn’t allow you to do much. You need a code to get to the “private” section.

Also, Jim came from the Mr. PLC Forum, which is also a great resource that I frequent.

PLC Talk Forums are also a pretty lively PLC forum.