Rockwell UDTs Not working in Ignition 8.0.3

I’m having an issue with my UDT’s not working.
It is mainly when I’m trying to write to it a button. My buttons are a UDT in a UDT are there issues with this format?.

Any ideas on how to correct this?

There should be no issues nesting UDTs in ControlLogix. Your issue may be coming from the External Access property of the tag you’re trying to write to. If you highlight the tag in the PLC, you should be able to see if External Access is set to “Read/Write” or “Read Only” (you may have to click on “Properties” on the upper right of your tag browser if your properties are hidden).

Thanks Tim. I had checked that and it is Read/Write. If I un-nest the UDT it works fine which is how I have it now. Also this is a Compactlogix L33. I have had this issue in past projects in 7.9.x and thought maybe there was something different in 8.0.3 that would let me do this. Not sure Ill call into Ignition and see what they say.