Rogue tag won't delete

I would like to create a tag with the name 'XFMR_2D_1_PR.' However, it gives me a conflict error saying that it already exists when I try to create it (See Tag_RenameError). I believe that the rogue tag 'XFMR_2D_1_PR11' is causing the issue because Ignition will not let me delete it (See Tag_DeleteError).

I also tried creating the tag in another perspective project and then importing it to allow me to choose an overwrite, however it defaults to aborting the import (See Tag_Import). Any help with deleting the problem tag would be appreciated, thank you.

You might have to restart the gateway so that it refreshes the tag provider. I have seen this once before. If it isn't in production yet, you could export all the tags except for the bad one...delete the whole folder (if it lets you). then re-import. But I would try the restart first.

Have you tried refreshing the tag provider? If that doesn't work I'd move on to what @drojas said.


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The refresh did not work unfortunately, trying @drojas' method now. Thanks

The gateway is not in production yet, so per your recommendation I exported all the tags except the bad one, deleted the folder (including the bad tag) and then reimporting, and it worked! Thank you!!

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