Role based menu navigation

I found the resource called Role Based Menu Navigation on the exchange page.
Tried this resource on a project and I just wanted to say that this is a great addition! :slight_smile:
It only has 34 downloads, so I figured I could give it some love in the forum to show my appreciation.

The way it works is that administrators can configure the menu tree from a session.
Based on the roles of the logged in user, they will only see pages they have access to.

Edit: link added

There are a small error in the documentation under:
“The tag is currently stored int he root directory. If you wish to change the location of the tag used in the project be sure to modify the path in the following scripts listed below:”
In view Exchange > Role Based Menu > Templates > Menu Items > Submit Button on the onClick Script on lines 19 and 29.
It is line 20 and 33

In view Exchange > Role Based Menu > Popup > Add Edit Item > Button Container > Submit onClick Script on lines 23 and 70.
It is line 62 and 116


I found it great also.
I’ve also proposed to the creator to change the target selection by a droplist that will be automatically filled with the page created inside the ignition project instead of typing the target url.

Hi Thanks for catching this. I’ll take a look and get it fixed soon.

I have a version 2 planned with this suggestion and other minor changes


like I said in my email, I’ve a working sample so if you need don’t hesitate.

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