Roll back to older version

I updated to 8.0.16 and I am running into issue that did not exist in prior to the update.

Is there a safe and simple way to roll back to earlier version? Can I just install older version over the new one (ex. from 8.0.16 to 8.0.14) ?

Thank you

No, you need to install clean and restore a backup from .14. (Assuming you made a backup before upgrading…)

Clean install == uninstall 8.0.16 and install 8.0.14 ?

Would this effect the license?

I have a complete copy of 8.014 folder, Is it possible to delete all Ignition folder from program files and replace it with the 8.0.14 folder?

I’m pretty sure uninstall will leave the license alone, as long as you don’t delete the folder. Or you can just un-activate to push the key back to IA’s servers.

Look for “license.ipl” …

I always un-activate before uninstall and then reactivate after install (forgetting about licensing and ending up on emergency activation once). The emergency activation does give you time to get the issue resolved with IA support if you manage to lose the license.