Rolling Windows

We are wanting to roll some windows for a large TV display, on a regular schedule (swap windows every 10 seconds), on a certain client. Here is the timer script we have in the Client Event Scripts:

tagpath = “[Client]TV1_SWAP” %
x = system.tag.getTagValue(tagpath)

if x >= len(windows):
x = 0

system.tag.writeToTag(tagpath, x+1)

Does anybody have any suggestions as to why this isn’t advancing the tag value and swapping the screens? Thanks!

I don’t know, but you could test parts of your script to find out what is happening.
After getting the value of the tag and assigning it to x try printing x to the client console.

You can see the console in the client by going to Help -> Diagnostics and then choosing the Console tab.

You can also try printing other values in the script.