Rookie Question-Animation multi state

new to igntion, no to hmi in general.

Created UDT for an analog data type. It has 4 Alarms, generated from the PLC, in it’s structure. (H,HH,L,LL)

Using the NumericLabel component, I want turn foreground color yellow on L/H, red on LL/HH and leave it black when none are true.

I tired creating a Custom Property of AlarmState, I used 3 states for black/yellow/red.

I wanted
if HH|LL, 1 elseif H|L, 2 else 0.

But I can’t use the expression editor to return 3 different values based 3 different evaluations. I’m sure there is a more slick way to do this.

Thanks in advance for any advice.

Bind your AlarmState property to expression:

if(HH||LL, 1, if(H||L, 2, 0))