Root Container Property in tag write code

I have a dynamic window that covers many of my sites. Each site has a communication check button that the operator can click to check communication and force update the most recent data. I am running into a problem.

When I try to execute this code…

[color=#0040FF]system.tag.writeToTag(“RTUevent.source.parent.RTUID/CommunicationInfo/Interrogate”, value)[/color]

I get this error…

[color=#FF4000]Traceback (innermost last):

File “event:mouseClicked”, line 8, in ?

IOError: Token PROPERTY_SEPARATOR found after property name.

Ignition v7.2.6-beta11 (b112)

If you’re trying to dynamically build the tag path based on a root container property value then you are going to have to concatenate everything together. Something like this:

system.tag.writeToTag("RTU"+str(event.source.parent.RTUID)+"/CommunicationInfo/Interrogate", value)


Once again, you guys are freaking awesome. Worked like a charm.