Roster doesnt escalate

7.6.0-beta5 (b1799)

I setup everything like the example in the documentation using a 2 way email notification profile. I have 2 users setup in the roster. Instead of sending to user #1, then waiting 5 minutes and sending to user #2, it just sends to both users every 5 minutes.

also, it keeps sending emails to one of my users even after the counter property has went past 4.

user 1 received emails at

user 2 has received emails at

Email and SMS send to a roster in parallel. I believe voice is sequential with a settable delay between each call.

Escalation is what happens the 2nd, 3rd, 4th time you come back through the notification loop you’ve set up. You would have logic in there to see what time through the loop you’re at and maybe start routing to a different notification block or jump to another pipeline.

What setting is at 5 minutes that you’re talking about?

so now you are looking at having to have multiple “rosters” and notification blocks or even pipelines to handle doing escalation? Thats going to get very messy, especially when someone wants to change the order that they receive the message. whats the point of even having the order in a roster if it does nothing essentially?

The order is far more important on profiles like voice.

Email and SMS don’t currently do much with the order, but it wouldn’t be too difficult to add that functionality if we needed to.

yes, typically in alarming software, you would have the option to set a “delay” between contacts on the list. If this is set to 0, then everyone would receive the alarm. If it was set to 5 minutes, it would wait 5 minutes after the first contact to call the 2nd contact. additionally, you would have the option to say how many retries per contact and the time between the retries.

so you could have something like this

receive alarm
call 1st contact he doesnt answer
wait 5 minutes to retry 1st contact
retry #1 1st contact he still doesnt answer
wait 5 minutes
call 2nd contact he doesnt answer
wait 5 minutes
retry #2 contact and he answers and acknowledges alarm

I should be able to give SMS and Email profiles parallel vs sequential delivery options, with optional delay between sequential deliveries, before 7.6 is released.

My suggestion would be for this to be on a per “roster” basis.

No, this would definitely belong on the notification block’s configuration. After all, it doesn’t make sense for all notification profile types to be able to respect this setting. I.e. SMS and phone simply cannot do parallel delivery.

yeah carl, you are right. What I was meaning to say is to not have it at the notification profile level. That way you could have both methods work under the same notification profile.

Yeah, that’s right, having it on the block itself would do that nicely.