Roster Management permissions

When attempting to add a user to an On-Call Roster via the Roster Management component in the client I receive a message within the component “Save failed. the current user does not have the required roles for this operation.” And In the gateway logs a message " Method Method has permissions disabled for id user. User x denied permission."

I can add users via the gateway or on the same screen when open in the designer without issue. Where can I adjust this?

Ignition 7.9.5

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You need to give the designer access to user management by going to the Gateway’s config page, and choosing system > gateway settings and checking ‘allow user admin’

Thanks Kathy. It sounds like this applies when using the same user source as your gateway, in my case I have a dedicated user source for the project. With the Allow User Admin setting on or off it does not change my issue.

Found it was due to relevant client permissions disabled by default under the Project Properties. This is a newer feature I had not previously explored.

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Ah yes. The client permissions are on by default for legacy projects, but off by default for new projects. Usually the one people hit first is database access. :slight_smile: