Roster not draggable in Firefox

In Firefox, I can select a User Source and the On-Call Roster will populate with the appropriate people, but none of the entries is draggable. It doesn’t matter if the entry is selected or not.

I was initially having the same problem with working with the On-Call Rosters as in this thread in IE8, so I switched to FF.

I have access to a VM with IE9 where the Roster does work, so I’m good for now, but I thought I would report the problem.

FF 27.0.1 and Ignition 7.6.3. It’s not raising any Javascript errors that I can see.

I am not seeing any issues with FF and Ignition 7.6.6. I tried looking for a ticket to see if something was fixed but I came up empty handed. You can try updating your Ignition software and see if that resolves the issue.

I ran into the same issue. This isn’t a fix, but you can open a designer and use the management component to create your roster. Just a quick way to get it done before udpdating your browser/Java/Ignition/whatever else.

Ok, I was able to see this issue. If you manage the roster in the gateway, first open it, then refresh the page. You should then be able to select and drag and drop. I ran into this issue only when using an Active Directory profile. The developers are changing the way this works in 7.7, you will not have to drag and drop anymore.

Still having to do a refresh using Firefox and Active Directory users. 7.7.1

Not sure what isn’t working or why you would have to refresh. The drag and drop functionality was removed.