Rotate group of objects around global axis

I am attempting to rotate a group of objects around their global central point rather than each objects individual anchor point. I know that it is possible to take an embedded view and add a transform: scaleX(-1) or transform: scaleY(-1) to the style property, however, this causes issues as there will be text that is then mirrored the wrong way. I also realize that in Vision we can using grouping to accomplish this but I do not see any grouping buttons in perspective so I am wondering if it is even possible. I am using Ignition 8.1.5.

For example I am trying to take a view like this:

And rotate all the objects 180 degrees around their global anchor point to look like this:

Just selecting all of the objects and then adding an angle to the angle position rotates each object around their individual anchor point.

You would need for all of the individual pieces to be in one container and then rotate the container (one piece around one anchor point).

Depending on what you’re doing with these shapes, you may have a vastly easier time if you can wait for 8.1.10 and the piping feature: