Rotate On-Screen Keyboard 90 degrees in Perspective

Appreciate it, tried them all but no luck on this device.

@pturmel I would not be against trying that if this wasn't a demo model we were lent tor testing out the beginning of this project, but as such I don't want to take anything apart.

As it stands, it seems like we will have to upgrade all 12 HMI's to the next model up for some extra cost that allows you to rotate the OS from their built in configuration screen as I can not find a way to get terminal access otherwise. I appreciate all the help everyone.


Alternatively, if you can get it to boot from an external USB, you could boot from that and then chroot into the local system to change the password that way.

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a bit weird they would not give you the default user/psw to their screens.
though i guess if its a demo tablet, then they dont want people messing with it xd


The password +-+- is correct for editing the configuration using their UI but that is limited to what I can change. I am trying to get right into the linux OS directly as a root type user- that's what I don't have a password for. I am guessing doing so probably voids warranty or something as I would not be making changes through their interface. It's fine though, seems like we're just going to go with the other model so it's not a big deal.


i found the manual at downloads in their product page
idk which panel you are using, the first one had these 2 passwords listend

anyways perspective can be quite heavy so getting a better screen shouldnt hurt^^


Thank you! Yes we have tried both already and neither worked unfortunately

You might be able to set the psw in the settings

idk xd

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They must have changed the root password before they lent it to us. It is a demo model, I'm sure they'll lend it out to others after we give it back and probably don't want people like us changing anything directly in the OS as such lol. Appreciate the research!


i would expect them to have an easy way to reboot their devices. but yh maybe the store clerics dont know how to.