Rotate On-Screen Keyboard 90 degrees in Perspective

Hi everyone,

I am launching a Perspective Session on an 800 x 480 resolution Phoenix Contact HMI. However, the HMI is being mounted sideways. I have already rotated my views to be in the angle required and it is displaying how I need, however for numeric entries, the on screen keyboard remains in the orientation as if it were mounted in the original position. Is there any way to be able to also rotate this on screen keyboard in whatever 90 degree angle I will need?

It would seem far, far, far easier to rotate your entire screen at the OS level than to try to rotate every graphical element on it.


Nothing in the hardware manual regarding rotating the screen so far. It's Yotco Linux \ embedded Linux OS. We'll be giving Phoenix Contact tech support a call later to see if they have some way of doing it. Crossing my fingers this is still possible and the way forward for this.

What desktop environment/graphical API is in use? Something something, xrandr?

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Look for something like this:

(This is Kubuntu 20.04, others should be similar.)

In a pinch, xrandr can make these settings happen from a custom .Xsession.


I don't see that as any options in my display settings config page unfortunately. I heard back from Phoenix Contact and they concluded that this functionality does not exist on this series of HMIs.

No guarantee this would work but I found this in my searching, if your Yocto system is built on Wayland Weston rather than X server:

Long story short, in /etc/xdg/weston/weston.ini you would add the line transform=270 (or 90) under the [output] section.

Mini-edit: looks like you also have to make sure your output card has the correct name as output in the Weston logs or else the .ini won't take.


@Carly_Jankowski called Phoneix Tech support, now apparently on their WP models there is a option to rotate the screen but on the BWP model we have there is no first party way to do it.

Apparently the BWP and WP models use the same exact OS so I am thinking it's an option they are just hiding from their UI, but I don't know if this will void any warranty etc.

Seems like the next model up is an extra 1000. Thanks for the input. I'll be seeing what's viable tomorrow when I get my hands on it.

Slightly unrelated, but how do you find the performance?

I'm still searching for the ultimate Perspective panel, and so far all these web panels just didn't have the horsepower

There was this suggestion

I'll be trying to access it today from the panel to see how "modern" the browser is, I think this is a good starting point at least.

ive never used the onscreen keyboard , but its not the os keyboard its using right? but just soomething rendered on the page?

@Carly_Jankowski @bkarabinchak.psi
if its rendered in the browser, you could try adding this to your stylesheet.

Note this will mess up the designer so temporary remove it while editing your views xd

html {
body {   transform: rotate(90deg);
            transform-origin:bottom left;

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I'll be looking more into this issue today to see if we can rotate the OS screen first. If not though, I was waiting for you to wade into this thread with some CSS magic haha.

With what you did, does the keyboard now come in from the side? Or is it perpendicular to the screen?

i have no idea, if its rendered in the browser it should rotate too, but idk how it works.never used the keyboard before

heh it apprears that dropdowns dont get positions correctly. not a good solution


I appreciate the attempt :slight_smile:

@pturmel I need your linux expertise for a moment - any idea how I would access the terminal? When this thing is up and running, I can do a Alt+Control+F2 which seems to bring me to the virtual console, it's a black screen with a blinking _ but I cannot type anything, or at least nothing appears when I am typing. Doing Alt+Control+F1 brings me back to the regular UI. I don't want to get too in the weeds with this but I would like to try to be able to poke around just a little bit if possible. Any simple thing I might be missing here?

EDIT: SSH/Putty worked. However, I do not know and cannot find anywhere online what the username/password is so I can't get in :frowning:

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I'm not familiar with those models, but usually Ctrl+Alt+T gets me to a terminal.

Yea I tried that first but no dice unfortunately.

i saw a doc somewhere saying
user: root
pasw: foo
or +-+-
the document had both its from 2018 tho


In a pinch, if the boot storage is removable, you could mount on different machine and manipulate the /etc/passwd and /etc/shadow files to force a particular root password. (If you do, keep a record of the original settings. Install your own SSH keys in /root/.ssh/authorized_keys so you can get to root without needing a password. Then you can put the factory password back.)