Rotated label

I am having issues creating a header with labels rotated 270’. This is what I am almost trying to achieve except with all labels aligned at the bottom of the white rectangle:
[attachment=3]ScreenHunter_54 Feb. 01 11.29.jpg[/attachment]

I create a label : [attachment=2]ScreenHunter_53 Feb. 01 11.29.jpg[/attachment]

Then rotate 270’[attachment=1]ScreenHunter_56 Feb. 01 11.31.jpg[/attachment]
but it does not display properly. Expanding the size makes the label look like this:
[attachment=0]ScreenHunter_57 Feb. 01 11.31.jpg[/attachment]
Not what I was trying to achieve.

Only way I could create what I was after was by using a rectangle with a label placed over it. But then text alignment would not work unless it was centered . Using leading, trailing , left or right text would not align with different label lengths. Only centered presented a consistent format, but still not what I wanted with all labels aligned at the bottom.

Is there a way to do this with a label only, or can this be added to a feature request?

Carl’s answer here might be useful: viewtopic.php?f=72&t=11757

Carl’s answer here might be useful: … 72&t=11757[/quote]
almost what I need, but cannot format where the text will be located. Want it vertically centered and leading ( at bottom of rotated label)
HTML formatting does not work.

[attachment=0]ScreenHunter_58 Feb. 03 19.02.jpg[/attachment]