Rotating a grouped Image with label

Hi Guys,

I’m trying to rotate a HOA Valve, its a standard image and has a label that changes based on HAND OFF AUTO. For a P&ID i wanted to use the same grouped valve I created but what happens when i rotate the image is that the text does not rotate with it.

When i do rotate the text, it is out of place and needs to be modified. I was hoping to bind some properties to the rotation of the image and label but how can I keep them aligned up when they rotate?

Has anyone else tried this or something similar? Thanks

Is there a way to control the x,y coordinates of the image and text? any suggestions?

Unfortunately, you cannot rotate grouped components. One solution I can offer you is to make a template that has each of the four positions that the valve could be in. Then have a custom property on the template that tells which one of the positions to be visible.

To control the x and y coordinates of an image or text, you can use the system.gui.moveComponent() function. If you need more information, you can check out the user manual.