Rotating Labels

I am using a label to display the messages that can be displayed on a single line sign (long and skinny). I am creating a template for my sign. I need to display the sign vertically, so the text reads bottom to top. This seems easy enough, however when i rotate the label which displays my message, it seems the aspect ratio does not change with it and my text is truncated. My once long skinny rectangle of text now has to become a large square with mostly dead space in order to show the whole line of text. This then makes my template much larger than desired. This is a problem since the template is touch point to call another display.
What am i doing wrong?
thanks, Scott

I will talk to the developers and see if this is working properly. However, I did play around with it a little bit and was able to do this. I dont know if it will work for you or not.

I talked to the developer and he confirmed that this is the way the label rotation works. When you rotate the text the label component is looking at the length of the text to set the width of the label, and this includes if the text is ran vertical. The example above is going to be your best bet.

What your screen print show is exactly what i am seeing as well. In the past this has not been a problem so I havently worried about it, but in this case i am using in a template. the template then has an event handler associated with it which brings up a detail display. I am afraid my touch area now will be well beyond the confines of the rest of my template which is long and skinny, vertically. the overall template though is basically an invisable square which is very large and will overlap many other touch areas, due to this problem.
Can you make a recommendation on how to work around the touch area problem and limit it to the visible portion of the template?

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Make your template a little larger while working with it. Once you have your label in place and the size that you want it, resize the template to the desired size. This will allow you to have a large text box and place it into a smaller template. If you place a mouseClicked event on the template itself it should work the way you want it to.

It does appear this will work but only if everything is sized perfectly in the template. any resizing of the template in the main displays then throws it all off again, kind of minimizing the effectiveness of using a template.