Rotating Ovals

I’m trying to rotate an oval, but when I do, part of the oval gets “cut off”. For example, make an oval that is 54x38 and rotate 90 degrees - the top and bottom gets cut off (non-viewable). Is there a trick to rotating a shape that I’m missing?

It’s getting cut off because the bounding box is a rectangle and the long axis of the oval is longer then the short axis of the bounding box.

You have to make the bounding box bigger and then scale the oval back down so it fits when rotated.

If your making the oval from the circle shape you can’t do this. If you use an image, there are some stretch properties that you can play with to do this.

Robert’s answer is totally correct.

I would just like to offer this additional tidbit: we know this is pretty crummy, and we’re working to correct it with the vector drawing tools that will be released with Ignition 7.3.

Stop teasing Carl.
We want to know when? Not what version. :smiling_imp:

I have a bad track record with corresponding releases to dates. We’ll let you know when it becomes clearer.