Rounding in vision?

Hi, guys!
It’s very important, help please.
I have dataset with 2 columns: t_stamp and Value.
Then I export this dataset to Excel on my Desktop.
When I make an export from Designer all the values are good and have 4 numbers after comma (1,5234 and 5,2314).
BUT when I make an export from Viewer all the values stay rounded (1 and 5).
Why it happens?

What version of Ignition are you using? By ‘Viewer’, do you mean the Dataset Viewer that pops up when you view the dataset property on say, a table? What steps did you take to get that dataset into an excel file?

I wasn’t able to replicate this in 7.7.7-beta1 in either an English environment or a French VM (in case the comma as a decimal separator was causing the issue), but I’m probably not doing it exactly the way you are.

Ignition 7.7.5 x64
I don’t know what happens but it is works fine now.

Here is the code, where dataset has 2 columns (datetime, float) and i need to add one more row before export to Excel with Summ of floats (diffLine):

csv = system.dataset.toCSV(resultDataset, 1, 1)
csv = csv.replace(’“date”’, ‘“str”’, 1)
csv = system.dataset.fromCSV(csv)
csv = system.dataset.addRow(csv,diffLine)
system.dataset.exportExcel(“d:\data.xls”, 1, csv)