Rounding Issue

I have a numeric text field formatted as float. It’s related tag is the float4 datatype. When I type in a float value in the numeric text field, such as 3.253 the tag and numeric text field get updated with the value of 3.000 in the tag browser. I can’t find anything to fix this rounding issue. I’ve adjusted the decimal format in the properties, but doesn’t help. Any help would be appreciated.

Do you have the number type property set to float?

Yes…Something else interesting is if I change the decimal format to two decimal places then when I type in a float value it keeps it at that value, but if I enter another number it goes back to rounding again until I fiddle with the decimal format again. I know it’s probably something simple, but it’s got me stumped right now.

Disregard I fixed the problem. I ended up deleting the numeric text box then creating a new one and it works now. Thanks!