Row and Column Selectors in Series

Can the Data Out of the Row Selector be used as a property for the Data In for the Column Selector to allow data selection by rows and then data selection by column? The Column Selector would then have all columns excluded from selection excet the two I need for a chart. The Data Out of the Column Selector would then be used as a proerty for the data set for a Chart. The idea is to take a larger database and filter it to provide a date and one value dataset for the Chart.

I have tried this, but it seems all the columns still show up in the Dataset Viewer of the chart and the chart errors at run time because some of the columns are string values. Maybe I am not setting this up right.

Yes you can do that. You need to bind the Data In of the column selector to the Data Out of the row selector. The table will then be bound to the Data Out of the column selector. Make sure you don’t bind the Data In to the Data Out on the same component.

That is how I did it, but it doesn’t work. All of columns are sent to the chart and the two I want are not filtered out by the column selector. Proj file is attached showing how I set up the template.
Row and Column Selector Test.proj (80.7 KB)

The problem is the chart requires that the first column is the t_stamp and the rest of the columns are numbers. So even though you have excluded the columns you don’t want from the “Column Selector”, they still show up in the “Data Out” property. If you look at the dataset you will see 15 columns.

So, the only thing you can do is make the SQL query on the “Row Selector” the following:SELECT Dateandtime, Output_Volts FROM tblFurnaceProductionData