Row color referenced to other column's mapping

I have a table where I need to change the background color of a row depending on the alarm activated based upon the value in a particular column. For that, in another topic a user suggested to use a hidden column composed by integers that codify the color the row should have (for example: if the value in a certain row is in ‘High alarm’ the hidden column would have a value of 3 representing orange color).

However, I want to set that color to another column (the one with the value), and with this solution I can only set the color mapping for the hidden column with the integers.

Is there any way to set the color of the rows referenced to the color mapping of the hidden column? I mean, can I set the color of the whole row referenced to a color mapping that affects only to a certain column?

If you want to change the color of the whole row, in the Table Customizer, open the ‘Background Color Mapping’ tab. Enter the column name that has the integers (the hidden column), then setup the translation.

If you only want to change particular columns, for every column you want changed, you need to set the ‘Background Color Column’ to the name of the column that has the integers (the hidden column), and set the Background Color List.

Thank you very much! It works perfectly!