Row selector mouseClicked Scripting Issue

Hello, I am attempting to use the mouseClicked event handler within scripting on the row selector component. Initially, it appeared to never run the script. Turns out, it only runs if you click in the border (see thick red border added to row selector in the attached image). I put the same script into a power table component and found the only area I could click was also in the non-data area (circled in image). This event handler works as expected (actuates when I click anywhere on the component) on a standard table. Am I missing something helpful or is this a bug? If it is a bug, is there a workaround? Thank you!

I’m running 7.8.2

I know I’m replying to a super old post, but I see the same thing on a Power Table in 8.0.15. The click-related events don’t work in the data areas, only on the edges.

Is this because there are extension functions that do the same thing?