Row Selector on Tablet

I am using a Row Selector and Report Viewer to display transaction records for a tanker tracking system. The Ignition components are working as designed, but my end users are accessing the Ignition system from a Win 8 tablet in the field.

On a tablet, the Row Selector rows are very narrow. I’ve changed the font size for the Row Selector, but it has no effect on the component. If there is a work-around to make the rows taller, please let me know.

I actually would like to put two large buttons (previous record & next record) on the Ignition window to allow them to move between the records, but I don’t see a property on the Row Selector that would let me set the selected row.

I could also build a table and use the selected table record as the input to the Report Viewer data property.

Any suggestions would be appreciated.

Right now the font property doesn’t do anything. I will add a request in to get that fixed. In the meantime you can add the following script to the internalFrameActivated event of the window to make the font bigger:from java.awt import Font tree = system.gui.getParentWindow(event).getComponentForPath('Root Container.Row Selector').getViewport().getView() tree.setFont(Font("Dialog", Font.PLAIN, 20))

Thanks Travis, that worked perfectly.

This bug has been fixed for version 7.5.7.