Rs logix emulate 500 connection to Ignition 8.1

I am trying to use RS logix emulate running rs linx lite to use as tag server in Ignition 8.1. RS linx is using the emu 500 slc 500 [rs485] emulate driver.Emulate is up and running but I need some assistance getting the connection to work between Ignition and the emulator or to find out if its even possible. All applications are running on the same machine, I.E. rs linx, rs logix 500 and Ignition, but as best as I can see Ignition is wanting a ethernet connection, does that sound correct? And if so, is there a software package available that i can use as a intermediary between the dh 485 (rslinx) and ignition? Or is there a driver or opc server that is capable of doing this passthrough? Sorry for my ignorance!

RSLinx lite will not work with 3rd party software. You would need RSLinx Pro or Gateway, and make an OPC connection.