I have a pyroguard CXC-2 control unit that detects sparks in dust collection systems. The unit doesn’t have any opc capabilities, but it does have a serial output which is RS422 I believe. The output is for an external printer, but I was thinking of converting the rs422 to Modbus if possible and use the output as a tag provider not a printing source. Does anyone have any advice on the hardware, if available, to convert rs422 to Modbus or any other ideas?

I’ve had good luck with Perle’s converters:
Specifically this one:

They are simple to setup and you can use Ignition’s ModbusTCP or simple TCP device driver to consume the output.


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Thanks, I will check it out.

No problem!

If you feel extra adventurous, look at ser2sock:

I use it with several Raspberry Pi Zeros on the field to grab serial inputs and output them to sockets. Low cost and works flawlessly.



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I just purchased an IOLAN SDG2 W from Perle and feel kind of dumb about setting it up.
I have a scale that I am trying to convert from serial rs232 to modbus tcp so I can read it from ignition.
I was using the serial module but after the latest update it seems to be responding so much slower.

Is there any examples out there of how to set the Perle up?
Any help is greatly appreciated.