RSLinx OPC driver and Ignition AB driver on same Gateway?

I would like to know if you have a recommendation regarding using both drivers in the same Gateway. I am communicating to MicroLogix using NET-ENI and to a Prosoft card only supported by RSLinx, therefore I installed OPC-COM module and configured RSLinx.
I have some SLC/505 in the same network which work with Ignition drivers, since I have to use RSLinx anyway I wonder if its best to use only RSLinx (which has to go through the OPC-COM wrapper) or if I have a best performance if I use Ignition driver when the device is supported?

Any advise would be very much appreciated.


Yeah this should be fine.

It’s fine to have them side by side. Should you only use RSLinx, or should you use Ignition’s drivers when possible? It probably doesn’t matter a lot, but I would say that in this case, it’s probably better to use Ignition’s drivers if you can, and just use RSLinx when you must. I’m mostly saying this based on a consideration of how the underlying architecture works for both, and it’s probably unlikely that you would actually run into any problem either way, but that’s my suggestion.


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