Rslinx OPC server refresh during design

During drag and drop design I have to refresh the OPC server almost every time? Its mainly just annoying, but was wondering why it does this and if it is Rslinx or something maybe on my server?


This is an ongoing problem with RSLinx. We have looked into it a number of times but haven’t found a great work around. The problem seems to be that RSLinx simply “forgets” where it’s at in the browse tree after a certain amount of time. We have some work arounds in place, but they don’t seem to work after version 2.43 or so.

We’d love for everything to work perfectly with RSLinx, since it is so widely installed. However, the simple fact is that Rockwell doesn’t seem to care to make it OPC compliant, so we’ve been encouraging all of our customers to look into other servers by companies who actually make a commitment to OPC, such as Kepware and Matrikon.