Rslinx OPC to Ignition


I am trying to setup a testing system.

Rslogix 5000, to, Emulate 5000, to, Rslinx OPC, to, OPC-DA, to Ignition

I had Rslogix 5000 program downloaded to Rsemulate and had Rslinx OPC topic setup. The rslinx version is Gateway, and the OPC server can be seen from RSLINX OPC test client, which means the rslinx opc server has been successfully setup, I assume.

Now when I come to ignition to setup the OPC-DA for rslinx (I saw one of the post recently saying that rslinx should be setup on OPC-DA instead of OPC-UA), the status for this OPC server is always faulted.

Do I miss any steps or some configuration parameters are wrong?

Please kindly advise.


The steps I followed to configure RSLINX OPC server are:

  1. goto OPC server Connections page, click “Create new OPC server connection”
  2. chose “OPC-DA COM Connection”, click “next”
  3. chose “Local”, click “next”
  4. from “Choose OPC-DA Server”, there’s only one option “Other Server”. (I roughly remembered that from one of the post in the forum, someone posted a screenshot, in which it has “Rslinx OPC Server” as a option under this page. But I cannot see “Rslinx OPC Server” from my system. Is it something wrong with my Rslinx Configuration?) I chose “Other Server”, and click “Next”
  5. In “New OPC-DA Server” page, I entered the information, as seen in the attached screenshot, then click “Create new opc server connection”
  6. In the next page, this rslinx opc server shows “Faulted”
  7. In the OPC servers status detail page, it shows “COM object method returns error code: 0x80040154; REGDB_E_CLASSNOTREG (Class not registered)”

OPC Status

The REGDB_E_CLASSNOTREG error is a COM error and you usually get these when the OPC Core Components haven’t been installed. Making COM connections can be rather difficult sometimes. We’ve written a rather indepth knowledge base article that covers getting a connection up and running plus many of the common problems that arise when connection via COM. … onnections

If you follow this step by step you should be able to get yourself connected.