RSLogix 5000 Emulator

I made an OPC-DA connection to RSLinx and am trying to pull tags from an RSLogix 5000 emulator. The topic is showing up under the OPC Quick Client but no tags show up. There are a few older post on this forum about this. There is a few older post on this subject but they are not very in depth.

Will Ignition work with the RSLogix Emulator?
If so, what could I be doing wrong?

Some AB devices don’t support browsing, and the emulator might be one of those. I haven’t personally used it though. Have you tried manually creating a SQLTag to that “device?”

No I haven’t tried that. How do you manually create an SQLTag?

Right-click on the Tags folder and select New Tag -> OPC Tag. Then fill in the name, data type and OPC Item Path and click OK.

Ok, I created a tag manually and gave it the path: [topic]tagname. But, I am getting a green question mark icon on my tag in the browser and the status Tag Diagnostics dialog shows “Unknown”.

You should use the device connection name instead of the topic, but what is your tag name? Depending on the device, it might be a path (like [connectionName]Global.folder.tagname) or it might be files (like [connectionName]N7:10).

I don’t have any devices connected to ignition. I have an OPC-DA COMM connection to RSLinx called “RSLinx”. My PLC tag is a controller tag named LiqDet.

I tried [RSlinx]LiqDet without success. What would you expect the path to be or how would I figure it out?

It’s likely that the emulator doesn’t support browsing which is why you can’t see the tag paths. You would have to go into the RSLinx simulator to figure out what the item path is, unfortunately I’m not very familiar with that emulator and can’t tell you how exactly to find it. You could try adding “Global.” or “MainProgram.” to beginning of the tag path.