RsLogix Interlock and Permissive

Good Morning.

I’m building some faceplates for a client that uses the PlantPAx Rockwell Automation Library.
I’m currently building a faceplate to visualize the Interlocks and Permissives.

I read the documentation for both of the AddOn Instructions and found out that the Cfg_OKState tag is an Integer value visualized as a Binary value, and I’m wondering if there is a way to configure a specific bit of this tag.

For example:
If I have 4 conditions (Condition1, …, Condition4) and my Condition1 and Condition3 must be OK when their value is High, I must write a 5 to my Cfg_OKState tag. But I do not want to write a decimal value to my tag, I want to know if I can write to an specific bit, in this example it will be the first and third bit.
Cfg_OKState.0 → 1
Cfg_OKState.1 → 0
Cfg_OKState.2 → 1
Cfg_OKState.3 → 0

Thanks in advance.

Create a tag pointing at the bit and write to that. Ignition’s driver will use the correct service code (Read-Modify-Write, 0x4e) to modify just the targeted bit atomically. If you write to multiple bits in one target integer in a single operation (via system.tag.* or system.opc.*, using a list), Ignition will optimize the AND/OR masks of the service code to update them all atomically.

I forgot to give updates to this topic, the solution provided did help me.
I appreciate your fast response.

Have a nice day.