RSS Feed in @ client

i have RSS feed for our Compnay and i need to add this in my project to show Our news to our customer.
our rss feed is
Can i do this in ignition

You could use it with the Internet Explorer Viewer ActiveX component. Just put the URL in the URL property of the component.

I did but nothing appeared. This is RSS file. Can you tried to ckeck it??.Thanks

I have tried it, and it did work. However, it did display the source code for the page instead of displaying it like I would see if I were to cut and paste the address into my internet browser. Are you receiving any kind or error message? Are you connected to the Internet and not just your LAN?

It show me the source code. How can i see it as RSs .
I have activeX comp. as *.OCX can be used as RSS reader but i don’t know how can i import this ActiveX inside designer

Look in the users manual here … ttpget.htm

You wouldnt be able to use your activex for this. The will also return the source code for the page, but then you can use python from there. Look at the above link, there are a few examples and some brief descriptions.

Can i used activex comp. In ingnition. I have Activex from i used before . Can i import ocx in ignition.

Have you looked into the Generic ActiveX component? I haven’t used this myself, so maybe someone that is more familiar with it can speak up.