RSSQL like binding to a stored procedure

Is there any way to bind OPC tags to a stored procedure similar to the way RSSQL does? In other words, I don’t want to insert or update a table directly, I simply want to be able to select OPC tags to be inputs to a stored procedure and bind the outputs of the stored procedure to other OPC tags. I understand that the return value of the procedure can be bound to a tag, but I have stored procedures that have multiple outputs.



Currently the answer is no- not beyond what you’ve already mentioned: multiple inputs and single output. This is an excellent idea, unfortunately there just hasn’t been any demand for it.

I’ll enter it into our feature system, but can’t give a good estimate on time frame. Sorry for the inconvenience.


This sounds like a powerful feature. Out of curiosity, how are you using it?

Just noticed this thread is out of date- as of FactorySQL 4.0 there is a Stored Procedure group that will let you do exactly this: bind opc values (and action items!) to stored procedure parameters, including OUT, INOUT and return values.

It’s a very powerful group type, and lets you easily interface with existing setups!