RSView32 style xml graphics import/export


I have three largish RSView32 applications that I would like to migrate eventually to ignition. These each contain as much as 200 displays and 6000 tags.

Migrating the tags has been no problem… simply a matter of moving values around in excel for which I used a combination of Macros and formulas

Migrating the displays so that they appear natively is something that I can’t do yet untill we get the drawing tools.

When the drawing tools do come out will there be a way of importing/exporting ignition graphics files in some sort of XML or other text format so that we can automate the migration process??



Actually my memory was wrong… RSViewSE is the one with the nice XML import/export ability.

Still, will/can we have a similar feature to aid migration of large legacy projects?


This is something that comes up fairly frequently. I think no one has replied because they don’t want to promise too much or say much, and neither do I, but I’ll say that 1) we discuss this from time to time and 2) in terms of requests, RS is #1, so if something were to happen it would be on that front first.


I seem to remember in earlier versions of Ignition being able to export screens.

When you exported an Ignition screen, there appeared to be some XML and then a whole bunch of ‘serialized code’.

If you were interested in pursuing the RSV migration, It would be helpful if you could publish a way of describing how to import a screen in xml (i.e. lines, polygons, rectangles, etc). This way we could potter away at it and come up with an interpreter.

This would cut out the first stage of the migration work for us which is taking a screen capture of an existing screen and then redrawing everything in ignition on top of it… a process which is a bit of a pain in the arse.

Of course we should be redesigning everything away from P&IDs to the PAS style of HMIs but operators here are pretty invested in the screen layouts they’ve been using for the last 10+ years.