RTSP Support on Video player component

I know that this is a very old discussion but looking at the forum it looks like this kind of support was flagged as “under consideration” almost 1 year ago. Is there any update on when the RTSP support will be included into the video player component?
At now it seems that the only way to get a video stream from a camera that does not have support for MJPEG is to get the 3rd party module made by the good @pturmel . The only problem is that this module is not compatible for Maker

It will be… (:


I know it’s not exactly what you are referring to here, but I am using the image component with a link to my Blue Iris server to get live streams. Blue Iris is my “3rd party module”, I guess. A direct link to the camera would be better.

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If you’re using Perspective, you actually have support for whatever streams the browser supports.

H.264 and WebM should both have good support in most browsers. I’d use one of those streams. Most webcams at least provide an H.264 stream these days.


RTSP is a completely non-web protocol, so if you need to connect with one of those streams, using Phil’s module or a separate converter is still the way to go.

Anyone know how they got Wyze Cam integration working for the official launch video?

I think Wyze Cam streams are H.264, which should be 100% supported in most browsers using the Perspective Video Player component.

I use this link in Video Player Component to see a snapshot from my hikvision camera.
This work well in the browser and I iOS perspective APP but not work in android APP.
Is there some reason?

The error is: “Error Loading Media: File not valid”.

I’m confused! Your asking for “RTSP” support - But the link you are showing is using the “HTTP” protocol??

Maybe that is why your android app does not work is because you are trying to use “HTTP”.

You need to make sure your camera supports RTSP and that is what is required for the android app.

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Yes I asked here because I thought it was inherent but maybe is correct open new topic.
Thank you.

Any update on your video encoder release for Maker? That’s the one thing holding me back from experimenting with maker for home automation. I already have my switches mapped out but I shut down the project until I can get my Wyze V2 Cameras integrated without too much of a headache.


Updated information will be over in the 3rd Party Modules category, like this update this week:

Consider setting that topic (or category) to “Watching”, so the forum will let you know when new content shows up.