RTSP to HTTP stream for Vison

I know this has been discussed a lot on these forums but can someone explain step by step how to convert RTSP to HTTP stream. I have seen some but cannot get it to work. Also, if someone has figured out something easier that would be great to know as well. Really wish Vision would go ahead and make a feature upgrade to allow RTSP streams. Thanks, and sorry if already answered and I didn't find it.

I believe that @pturmel' s Image Streamer Module supports RTSP streams.

It does. Ignition and the libraries it packages do not support RTSP decoding. My module adds OpenCV support and leverages that to perform the conversion in the gateway. (Due to copyleft licenses, OpenCV and its dependencies must be manually installed on the gateway.)

Ok, I got the video stream location from the company of the company of the viewer. I plug it in and it just says connected in the video stream box but it shows no image. I even tried to use the web browser but it says poor connection. Any suggestions?

Are you talking about my module? If so, email me at my support address to let me help you.