Ruler display not displaying lines, window tearing badly

um... i presume there should be rulers to help us line stuff up in the absence of, you know, a GRID?

this is what i'm looking at:

Interesting, trying to replicate this I see that the line labels get the weird number of digits at certain zoom levels. If I zoom in or out just a little bit it goes back to normal. Bug?

Edit: If I add the lines when it's at the weird zoom level, the labels stay weird regardless of further zooming.

I can't get the rule lines to disappear though.

this must be a bug. i can't get ruler lines to show up for love nor money. and when i zoom back to 100%, it still looks like shredded wheat:

more frustrating, i can't remove them so i can see my work. :frowning:

and do i NEED measurements accurate to the sub-atomic level?? :laughing: look at those digits to the right of the decimal place!! :crazy_face:

  1. What version of Ignition are you running?

  2. What OS is Designer running on?

  3. If it's Windows then what is your display resolution? 100% or 150% (which seems to be the default). Switch to 100%.

  4. There's a button on the Designer toolbar to reset zoom to 100%, (2) below. Try that.
    Guides and alignment

  5. There are guides (1) to which objects will snap as well as various alignment and spacing buttons (3). You can also type the coordinates into the POSITION properties.

You seem to be still developing your own user management utility. I recommend the Perspective User Management module available free on Ignition Exchange instead.

  • Ignition 8.1.27
  • Win11
  • no scaling (100%)

our UM works a little differently as it isn't completely Role based and needs to be far more granular. but i will take a look. right now, i'm just trying to line up components... because the previous builder had ZERO knowledge or understanding of CSS and built everything in nested embedded views of coordinate containers... :sob: eventually, i get to retool everything properly, but these are running systems, so i have to do it a component at a time. s l o w l y . . .

If you can get to 8.1.28 or higher, you get a much newer Chromium version inside the Designer.

Does everything have to be lined up exactly? Flex containers might be a lot less painful to set up. In fact, a layout like the one in the screenshot just screams "flex" to me, but that's honestly just me :man_shrugging:

@PGriffith i'll have to ask the IT dept. since it is a version, it shouldn't be an issue.

@Felipe_CRM i do not have words... this is EXACTLY what i want to do, but i literally have to rebuild the whole stack almost from scratch. it's a forking gong show. so i'm picking bits that are relatively self-contained and trying to branch from there. yeah... i want to make it so much easier, but the predecessor had no knowledge of the tools. :stuck_out_tongue:

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Sorry, I misunderstood before. Yeah, a lot of people come in to Ignition from FTView and try to treat it the same way, missing a lot of the neater stuff.

some of these are embedded views six or seven layers deep. i have no idea what was going through his head when he built this stuff... SMH. unravelling it, WITHOUT pprint or json.dump() is going to kill me. there's no way to quickly and easily visualize the data structures. :poop:

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Wow, that was all done in a coord container by the previous person?
Also, I actually appreciate the precision; I like to position my components to 9 decimal points myself!

And speaking of disappearing rulers, we saw an issue where if you zoom in, they get shorter until they disappear.


There is an internal ticket for this created maybe 3 months ago. I assume rulers are not a high priority for a quick fix (or perhaps a fix is not so quick).