Run a shared script on a tag event?

I just have a question,
I have a hunch that this is not possible, but I am going to ask anyways.
Can I run a shared script on a tag event? Because what I am trying is not working so far.

Yes, you can call a global script from a tag value change event script. I noticed your global script was changed but not saved (italics in module name). Could you try saving and then testing again?

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Thank you.
Now, I saved it and test it again but when I toggle the tag, it show red indicating the script is not executing.

I test this function script on the Script console, but it only works for me on the Script console so far :confused:

Right click on the tag showing the red error and choose Diagnostics.
Then drill down into the tree until you get to the error.

A lot of functions work differently in gateway scope, especially anything that depends on project defaults. Tag Events aren’t in a project, so everything must be declared. All of your tag paths must have the bracketed provider name or one of the provider shortcuts, as one example.


You are correct. Thank you very much.
On a expression tag this worked:


On a tag event:

	if currentValue.value == 1: