Run a tag query after a tag change of state


I try to make a query after a tag in a plc change of value of 1 to 0.
I have the query and work fine, but in execution mode dont exist something like this, exist 3 options but the query always is running, and i dont want run the query all the time.
Exist other type to run a query tag?

I don’t know where you’re trying to do this, but you may be able to use a Gateway Tag Change Event Script.
In the Gateway Event Scripts section select Tag Change. You can add a script that will execute each time the tag changes. If you only want to run your query (in script form) after the tag value transitions to 0 you can filter based on the current value.

Gateway Event Scripts - Ignition User Manual 8.1 - Ignition Documentation may also be helpful if you decide to use this method.

Yes this will really help to solve my problem.


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