Run Ignition as Shell and Lockdown Win10 OS

Hi All,

I have a standalone Windows 10 LTSC PC running Ignition 8.1 Gateway and Kepware that will also be used as the operator’s interface. I’m wondering what the best way to approach locking this down using the local PC settings (it is not part of a domain at the moment). It should be a kiosk mode-type setup, where Ignition runs as the shell and the OS is locked out from any tampering.

I have tried setting up Assigned Access, but it seems that only Windows Defender shows up in the list, despite there being many programs listed in the Applications folder. I’ve tried setting this up in Settings and also using Powershell run as admin. There are also some seemingly useful Windows Features under “Device Lockdown” that can be enabled but before I got too deep into that I wanted to see what everyone else’s thoughts were.

Thanks in advance

You can change the Windows shell from explorer.exe to your Ignition shortcut. This will keep the windows GUI from showing. You can always Ctrl+Alt+Del and manually start the explorer.exe program to bring the gui back if needed for diagnostics.

(Tested with Windows 10 Pro and Windows 10 IoT Enterprise)

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