Run Ignition HMI to a HDMI display

Can someone help?

I have multiple Ignition projects in the computer. I need to gun them onto different displays. I have multiple displays connected to my computer.

How can I project one Ignition project to a specific display for running?


Vision or perspective?


You're looking for system.gui.openDesktop() then

Hi, I am a newbie with Ignition.

How do I do it exactly, like where I use system.gui.openDesktop() in a project?

I highly recommend going through the free courses on

Typically in Vision, one of your windows will Open on Startup which will have a little play button, like ►, beside it. Right click on it and disable the open on startup window function.

Then open Vision → Client Events and put the openDesktop() script in the Startup event.

I would like to further my questions.

I have several HMI projects run on the same Ignition gateway. I would like to project each HMI project onto different monitors. How do I do it?

The issue to use system.gui.openDesktop() in this case, is that seems every time I switch screen I need to run a script to make sue it goes to a right monitor.

Thanks in advance.

I don't know you're full requirements. I gather that you might have 4 screens that will have 4 different projects, one per screen. Each project will have a start up script to open on the correct screen using openDesktop. The script will only run once, on startup, per project. Does this not fit your use case?