Run Multiple Versions of Custom Modules


We’re in the process of developing a custom module and would like to know if it is possible to install multiple versions of the same module on the same gateway and somehow associate each version with a particular Ignition project. The reasoning behind this is that we want to push out a snapshot of our custom module and allow the customers to play with the Ignition application that utilizes it. In the mean time we would like to continue with the development of the module expanding its capabilities. So we’re essentially thinking that we’ll have a customer version of the module and a development version. We were thinking that we would have a separate build for each version and each version would have a uniquely named set of jars for all custom jars. It’s possible that the entry point class for each module would also need a unique name. We would also have two Ignition projects, one for the customer and one for development. The question we have is whether this is possible or not and if so, how can we accomplish it.

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I’m pretty sure you’ll need to use different module id’s to load into one server. Is there any reason you can’t use multiple virtual machines? I run a dozen or so on my laptop for various customers and various testing activities.

why don’t you create every version as a new module during trials which your customers can install and uninstall and finally select the last version as the final one.