Run perspective on Raspberry Pi 3

I’d like to use Raspberry Pi 3 to run ignition(NOT Ignition Edge) with following module:

  • perspective module for web view access for 2 clients
  • Tag Historian to show data in trend and table for at least 1 year. I record data @ 5 min interval.
    The module use MySQL or SQLite on Raspberry Pi 3. I will limit query time range to 1 month.
  • Modbus Driver to access some energy meters
    I access the GPI and analog Input module of RPI by OPC UA

The Ignition Edge is ideal but the limitation of two week history make it reject here so I look at the full version of ignition.
Is this configuration possible on RPI 3?
Can some body that has experienced with perspective and MySQL running on RPI 3 give me some feedback?
I’d like to know is the CPU/RAM power enough for it.
What is the best DB for use on RPI with ignition?

How many data points will you be storing 5 minute history on? If it’s say a few dozen tags then sure its going to be fine running on the Pi. I would not suggest SQLite for a long term historian, MySQL is fine.
I haven’t tested the performance of running perspective on the Pi, I think that may be interesting to see how responsive it is.

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I log Max 15 analog and digital value.
Is MySQL leave enough ram for ignition to run?
Did you have any experience with same scenario with using vision instead of perspective?

I think Ignition Edge is only one week of data. (Just for others who find this post and are confused…)

Ignition 8 will be able to run on a Raspberry Pi 3 and the ARMHF installer can be downloaded from the Ignition 8 Beta downloads page.

As for being able to meet your needs, I don’t have enough experience with this configuration to make a recommendation. Of the items you mention, the parts that concern me are:

  1. It isn’t clear on how many tags you are storing history for. If it is 10 every 5 minutes, you would likely not have any problem. If it is 100,000 then you will likely want to do some testing to see what happens to performance as the values get stored. The Gateway status screen is a good way to look at Ignition’s CPU and Memory use as well as information about writes to the database.

  2. Running Ignition and MySQL on the same Pi might cause performance issues depending on the amount of data being stored assuming there is enough memory to run both. Based on your description, there will likely be 288 recorded records/day per tag. The size of the table containing the history is likely going to be your bottleneck.


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How much ram do you have on the raspberry pi? How much do you dedicate to Ignition?

About 500mb