Run Script by Response to SMS Message

Using the SMS module, is there a way to run a script after prompting for a specific response, in addition to the default 'reply ##### to acknowledge'?

This thread may be related to your question:

I'm not sure anything has changed since late 2022, but if it has hopefully Ignition staff can chime in.

No, nothing has changed.

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Been thinking about this one since I posted it. I have an idea. Anyone feel free to poke holes in it.

  1. Create an 'after hours remote reset' tag that enables/disables this mode.
  2. Create a new pipeline, dedicated to this mode.
  3. 2 expression tags
    a. totalAckd - use runScript to get the number of acknowledged alarms. Run on a periodic basis. Configure an alarm with a relatively high active delay (maybe user-configurable) to fire when the value is greater than 0; sent to the new pipeline. Use an alarmAcknowledged script when ackd to record the number of 'known' acknowledged alarms.
    b. unknownAckd - difference between 'known' acknowledged alarms and total acknowledged alarms. Use an alarmAcknowledged script on this one when ackd to perform the 'remote reset' (whatever that may be).
    c. Replying to the totalAckd alarm would end up clearing the unknownAckd alarm condition because totalAckd = knownAckd (unknownAckd = 0).

This way, normal alarms still go out and can be acknowledged during the day and handled normally.

After hours (when enabled) they'll still get normal alarms but also get the 'totalAckd' alarm where they can basically say, "Continue with ackd alarms, but don't reset." When they choose this option, if new alarms are acknowledged later, they'll have another chance to add them to the 'known' count (reply to totalAckd), or reset equipment (reply to unknownAckd).

The enable/disable tag could even be configured based on the time of day.

Thoughts? Holes?