Run script from timer gateway event script

Really simple question for most of you, but I can’t find it in docs or on the forum.

I want to run a timer gateway event script. It works fine when I log a string into my logger, but I can’t seem to execute a simple script.

I’m trying to run scriptFolderName.ScriptName.FunctionName().
I’ve read I should put ‘project.’ in front of it, but that doesn’t do anything.
What is the right syntax?


Make sure the script is in the Gateway Scripting project.

No, timer events are in a project. So the project script module must be in that same project, or one of the projects it inherits from.

You are correct.

So what would be the syntax to call my script?

The syntax in your OP is correct. Omit the project. prefix. That is only relevant to systems upgraded from v7.9 or earlier (and project will show as a folder).

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Ok, I will try that. Thanks!