Run time bindability

Is there a way to find out, at run time, what a property is bound to? Can it be changed?

I could use a dynamic property and check the value of it, but I’d be more interested in finding out which dynamic property a property is bound to. If I can.

No, theres not. Changing the binding at runtime is pretty much out of the question - that would be a huge effort on our part.

Querying the binding system wouldbe possible, but would open up a can of worms. Bindings can be complex things. How should they be “described”? i.e. what would a theoretical function call like system.binding.queryBindingType(component, property) even return?

Ok, don’t worry about it. It was just my mind throwing around wild (.) ideas

Hi Carl,
Is there any plan for "System.binding.queryBindingType(component, property) ??

If you’re in perspective, you could get this in a roundabout way by reading the view.json for the view itself. It’s located in the project folder and pretty straightforward to get