Run to startup Ignition Perspective with PC ThinPro 7.2.0 ubuntu

After install Perspective Workstation, I would like run my application when stratup my computer and put a bash file in the desktop for execute. I tried all solution ".desktop" and "init.d". Nothing works.
Do you have a solution ?
I don't have file explorer, just terminal.

Welcome, whilst I have not done this myself, the below topic may be of some use to you;

I do hope you're not trying to run Workstation on a headless install :slight_smile:

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Where i can check this ?
I don't have any probleme when I execute in terminal the commande "gtk-launch perspectiveworkstation.desktop", my application start fine. But after, when I execute my file from my desktop with click, nothing is happening. A window appears and disappears in a fraction of a second, without leaving an error message.

my file .desktop :
[Desktop Entry]
Exec= bash /home/user/Downloads/perspectiveworkstation/app/

maybe it's a permission errors ?

Did you actually mistype the Encoding entry?