Run two ignition services at one computer

I need to run two ignition services at a same time in one PC.
One of them is v8.0. and other is 8.1.
What is the trick to do this?

The best trick is to use docker or a virtual machine.

If you must run them natively, you will have to change multiple port numbers on the first one installed to allow the second installation (in different folders) to succeed. It is a lot of trouble–virtualization is so much easier that I haven’t even run Ignition directly on my dev laptop in years.

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Yes, and edit the wrapper files to change the service name as well.


Just to hijack a little bit here, but can you run docker when you have VM player installed as well? The company I work for uses VM player and when I tried to install docker, it whinged about VM player stuff. Can’t remember now what it was, but VM player no longer ran after docker was installed :confused: maybe I need to run docker inside a VM player VM? :smirk:

It’s a longstanding “issue” due to Windows’ weirdness about hosting virtualization:

Honestly, hosting a linux VM and connecting the Docker client on Windows to a docker daemon in a VM would be perfectly fine.

I “get” to work in a Windows environment and have successfully set up both VMWare and Docker on the same computer. The laptop must be running fairly current versions of the OS (Windows 10 Pro), VMWare, and Docker. I am using VMWare workstation version 15.5.7, the version I was using before setting up Docker would not work.

Following are some instructions for setting up Docker.

Cool, I’m on 15.5.6, maybe that’s it. I’ll give it a go at some stage, cheers