Run vision client on computer other than gateway computer

I have one gateway computer which will contain four projects. I want to run three of the four projects on separate computers. How would I set up a shortcut to the vision project on a computer other than the one running the gateway?

Go to the computer you want to run it on, open a web browser, type in the IP or Host Name of the Gateway followed by :8088

Download native client launcher

Open link to project you want, it will create a desktop shortcut

Consider running only the gateway on the gateway computer. No clients, no designer, and preferably not even the database.

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Hmmm. I see what you mean. Basically access the gateway from the second computer and then you can setup the client. Just tried it with two VM’s and didn’t work but thinking its a port issue.

The client has four computers set aside for this so one of them has to run both a client and the gateway

If any PC, Ignition Gateway installed or about to be a Vision client, is Windows, try to turn off the Windows Firewall.
In my case, both gateway PC and client PC were Windows 11, I turned off the firewall on server(gateway)-side PC and client could access the gateway and pull the project on that gateway.

That seems a bit reckless. Surely you want to just open certain inbound ports? Try 8088 only.

It does let you know if it’s a firewall issue though.