Runaway gateway script

So we upgraded one oof our servers from 7.9.5 to 8.0.4 last month. Everything appeared fine (other than a few scripting changes that needed to be tweaked). Come to find out we had a gateway script that was appearing to be firing twice. We modified the script slightly so we could see if it was firing twice or we had a copy of the script elsewhere. Come to find out, the gateway was running the script even if we disabled the project. We went so far as to backup the project, and delete it from the server.

We can see threads for the project continue to work, and we see data coming through in the database, however Gateway scripts doesn’t show it. Threads still appear. Anyways to fix this without restarting the gateway? We are running production, and a restart has to be scheduled well in advance.


Not without restarting, no. Sorry about that.

When do you get some time schedule I’d also upgrade to 8.0.7 (assuming it’s released by then, should be going into RC this week).

We had time to test out 8.0.4, and we aren’t allowed to upgrade to newer versions without testing first. Why we went with 8.0.4. Mfg doesn’t move fast :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Is this something that has been seen before? Just wondering if we have to worry about other instances we are running and haven’t upgraded yet.

8.0.5 release notes have something that might be what caused this:

Fixed an issue where multiple project lifecycles could start for a single project.